Company Overview

Established in November 2019, Emirtage became a part of the Quality Group – which belongs to the investment firm The Gate Holdings, with a portfolio of successful business ventures over the last two decades, in industries such as: Real Estate, Property Development & Managemen, Investment & Development advisory, Facilities Management and Consultancy

The success story of The Gate Holdings is due to its expertise in service delivery, supported by years of experience, and continual improvement from operating within the local, regional, and global markets.

Other contributing factors include


We identify and understand both market and industry trends to expand our knowledge and accurately target profitable investment opportunities for growth.

Countinous Personnel Training

We improve our skills to empower our personnel further and be able to contribute to the overall growth of the company.


We have a team of experienced managers and highly-skilled personnel working together and contributing unique ideas, solutions, and expertise towards the advancement of the company in its entirety.

Customer-Centered Approach

Over the years, we have built and implemented a robust Customer Relations Management system across all of our business ventures. We have continuous monitoring and facilitating measures geared towards improving customer experience in all of our companies that make up the Gate Holdings Group.

Emirtage embodies all of the exceptional qualities and drive of the mother company - providing the highest quality of services to its customers. Emirtage provides the following diverse services across the United Arab Emirates: