What services do we offer?

The following are the Movers and Packers Services we offer:

  • We assist with moves of any kind (home, office, commercial, etc.)
  • We provide affordable, convenient, stress-free moving experience
  • We undertake the packaging, loading, moving, and delivery of your belongings
  • We provide all the necessary packing supplies like boxes, bubble wraps, packing tape, etc.

Additional Information

  • Price valid for DXB to DXB
  • For Relocation from/to other Emirates, Please Call us for quotation

We have a rooted belief, here at Emirtage that a successful move begins with a successful packing job. Not only is a good packing job crucial to preventing a chaotic moving, but it is also essential for ensuring that your belongings are safe and protected. The proper packing, security, and safe movement of your belongings are sure with our professional mover and packer services. We are always ready to help with as much or as little of the move as you desire. In other words, if you only need help with moving the big stuff, we can help with that. And if you need help packing your entire house, we can do that too – how much or how little is packed and moved is entirely up to you.

Emirtage's team of movers and packers are trained and experienced in the techniques of proper packing and moving. And they remain dedicated, in line with our company values, to provide our customers with the best moving experience - the commitment to make your move an enjoyable one.

What materials do we use when packing?

  • Moving boxes
  • We offer moving boxes in a wide variety of sizes for packing items of different weights and sizes.
  • Bubble wraps
  • We use bubble wraps to wrap up large or delicate items, to ensure that they stay safe and protected during the move.
  • Wrapping paper
  • We use wrapping papers to protect surfaces from damage, and also to protect items from being damaged through vibrations while on transit to the new location.
  • Stretch wrap
  • We use stretch wraps to prevent items from scrapes, dirt, debris, and stains while in transit.
  • Bags
  • We use bags for moving softer items like blankets, pillows, and clothes

Why Should You Hire a Moving Company?

Though you are likely to save costs by moving on your own, most people would suggest that you hire a moving company. And this is because moving can be quite stressful – it is so much work. Moving might not necessarily seem like a lot at first, but once you start wrapping, packing, loading, and making multiple trips back and forth, the stress will begin to build up.

However, with the help of Emirtage movers and packers, your move can be made fast, efficient, and stress-free. With our moving team at your service, you will not have to worry about wrapping, packing, and loading, because we'll do it for you! You also will not need to worry about heavy lifting, because we'll do it for you as well! And, surely, with the help of our moving team, you will not have to worry about any last-minute issues that may arise, because we've already got it covered!

All you are required to do when our movers and packers arrive is sit back, relax, instruct, and leave the rest up to the team!

FAQs about packing and moving:

Is there anything I need to do before your packers and movers arrive?

Yes. You must create an inventory (mental or written) of all the items you would like to move before the Emirtage movers' team arrives. The more organised you are, the better and more efficiently, our team can work. We also require that you make arrangements to be present on the day of moving. Also, make all the necessary arrangements for pets and children during the move, as the fewer distractions our movers have while working, the faster they can complete their job. 

Am I protected against the loss or damage of my items?

Yes. However, the amount of protection you receive is entirely up to you. At Emirtage, our movers and packers services offer several protection plans based on your specific needs. If you are not sure about which type of plan works best for you, give us a call, and we will help you make the right choice.

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Every Additional Truck Will cost you 500 AED/Truck. Price valid for DXB to DXB