Specialized Cleaning Services

At Emirtage, we firmly believe that there is no place like home – and that is why we remain committed to helping you keep your home clean. Our services are incredibly flexible, allowing you to have as much or as little cleaned, according to your desire. Whether you want one room cleaned, or your entire house cleaned, we can adapt our services to suit your needs.

In the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic, we are also providing specialized disinfection services executed by authority approved professionals at very competative rates. (You may select the "COVID Disinfection & Sanitization" service from the service selection dropdown list.)

Additional Information

Here at Emirtage, we offer deep cleaning services. With deep cleaning, we work hard to remove stains, grime, dirt buildup, and bacteria, and we don't stop until every inch of your home is sparkling clean.

And because our reputation is important to us, you can always stay assured that we will not leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with our job.

What services do we offer?

  • COVID-19 Disinfection services

  • Deep cleaning

    • Kitchen cleaning (counters, backsplashes, appliances, floors, stoves, ovens, etc.)

    • Bathroom cleaning (toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, floors, mirrors, etc.)

    • Bedroom cleaning (sheets, beds, tables, lamps, furniture, etc.)

    • Living areas (carpets, rugs, furniture, etc.)

Why is it important to deep clean your home?

No matter how hard we work to keep our homes clean regularly, there will still be many spots we usually miss or ignore because they are hard to reach. And such areas can remain un-cleaned for weeks, months, or even years. These commonly missed areas include under the fridge/stove, back of toilet seat, ceiling corners, and so on.

Though these areas are out of sight and out of mind, they are not resistant to dirt, bacteria, and mould build-up. And if left unattended for too long, these small areas can easily cause sanitation issues, posing a health hazard to you and your family.

Deep cleaning is a sure way to give attention to those commonly missed areas of your home and remove the causes of bacteria growth and foul odours.

FAQs About Cleaning:

How often do you need to deep clean your home?

Most of us clean our house on a daily or weekly basis. Though this strategy may be sufficient for a while, it is advisable to give your home a deep clean now and then. It is a general recommendation that you deep clean your home every 3-6 months.

Also, there are some items and areas of your home that require daily cleaning, some that you should clean weekly, and those that need cleaning once every month.

Let's look at the various categories below:

  • Things to clean daily:

    • Sinks, counters, tabletops, coffeemaker, floors (sweeping), shower walls, bathtubs, laundry, and impromptu stains.

  • Things to clean weekly:

    • Floor (mopping), microwave, fridge interior, appliances exterior, mirrors, toilet, carpets, bedding, and furniture (dust and vacuum).

  • Things to clean monthly:

    • Dishwasher, laundry machines, blinds, vents, light fixtures, and windows.

Is there any difference between a regular cleaning and deep cleaning?

The main differences between deep cleaning and regular cleaning are a) the areas of focus while cleaning; b) the cleaning agents used.

A regular cleaning focuses on things like the floors, the cupboards, the countertops – those things or areas that are visible and need regular cleaning. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, takes a more intensive approach. It focuses on the hard to reach and hidden places, the back of the toilet seat, under the fridge, etc. More so, deep cleaning is a little more specialised than regular cleaning. Its main goal is usually not just about making the home sparkle, but on sanitising the entire environment with particular emphasis on those hard to reach areas where the growth of bacteria is most likely predominant. Hence, for this type of cleaning, specialised cleaning agents may be used.

Why Choose Emirtage?

  • You get to choose between the regular or deep cleaning services options

  • We work with trained professionals who pay attention to details

  • Your satisfaction is sure with us

  • Our team is committed to making your home a bacteria-free environment



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